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The information you need in the formats you want

Grupo Enciclo knows the importance of the information society development and its increasing demand of well-structured and premium content to simplify your workflow.

Grupo Enciclo

New content and feature-rich technology platforms serve the needs of researchers

Grupo Enciclo provides quality research content, powerful search engine and intuitive delivery platforms in Spanish.

Grupo Enciclo offers

Permanent access to relevant information 24/7. Grupo Enciclo offer premium content through databases, e-books, imagnes, and more, as well as a versatile discovery tool for searching across all library resources

Grupo Enciclo

Extensive catalogue of an indispensable reference work, full text content and thousands of Ebooks. Our platforms serve the needs of researchers at all levels and offer a high value learning experience through intuitive delivery platforms in constant innovation.

Grupo Enciclo

Providing quality content to our Clients with the highest academic almanacs, encyclopaedias, manuals, indexes, biographies, bibliographies and thousands of eBooks. Grupo Enciclo continuously updates and expands its titles catalogue associated to several prestigious publishers.

Consortium Grupo Enciclo

The consortium Grupo Enciclo brings both comprehensive and extensive Online collection of Spanish resources. These electronic resources have been conceived by our Editorial Team over the last ten years, which are endorsed by prestigious universities from Spain and Latin America.

Mienciclo is the result of a continued effort recognized by higher institutions such as the Ministry of Culture of Spain.

Our databases provide searching tools that allow easy and intuitive navigation to users, giving them access to an extensive number of articles and documents on the same interface: reference works, digital books, images, videos, etc. in order to promote the research, documentation and learning processes of all users at an international level.

The information you need in the formats you want

A group of companies from the cultural industry have established a consortium for the promotion and worldwide export of their products and services in order to spread and create synergies between them. Because of this union, it has been created the largest repository of cultural and editorial digital content in Spanish. Our motto is: "The universal knowledge at your fingertips". You can discover our extensive catalogue of electronic resources and ICT solutions for education.



Thanks to Mienciclo technology platforms, you can view any kind of content related to your search and dynamically access to them through hyperlinks. Content searched by words. Users can simultaneously consult our resources from any Internet-connected device, no software required. So, Mienciclo virtual reference library is available 365 days a year.


Spanish, English and Portuguese interface.


Fancy and functional design


Tables of contents with hyperlinks related to the search to facilitate navigation through articles or books.


which facilitates locating articles available on Grupo Enciclo’s databases and resources.

Advanced search

Advanced search system showing results by relevance.

Download Content

Print the text in various formats, send it by email or view it as HTML or PDF.

Social networks

Social networking tools to save and share specific pages of our repository.


Citation machine in different standards: APA, MLA, Chicago, BibTexX, etc.

Automatic translation

Automatic Translation Tool with several languages.


Listen to the content with our Interface Audio Service.


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